Nashville’s Guide to Going Zero Waste


The biggest thing you can do to reduce your waste is to reduce your consumption. 70% of waste is produced in the manufacturing stage before a product even enters your home. However, inevitably, we all have/want/need stuff. So where can you buy stuff and create the least waste?


This is the most fun of the ‘R’s because you get to use your creativity! Before you trash something, think about how it might be repurposed. And if you can’t find a use for your unwanted items, chances are someone else can.


The average Nashvillian wastes 3.5 lbs of food every week, and 95% of that goes to the landfill where it emits harmful greenhouse gases. Good news! Back yard composting is easy and fun…and if that’s not for you, Nashville has great composting programs that make it easy.


Recycling is hard. Every city has different rules about what can and can’t be recycled and it’s not always clear what should go in your curbside container…if that’s even an option for you. Then there’s aspirational recycling, which actually does more harm than good. Let’s figure out how to get it right!