Recycling is great but should be the last resort, after Reducing and Reusing.

If you live in Davidson county, you should have at least one curbside recycling bin. You may also request a second bin from the city at no cost. You can put all of your recyclable items in the cart together – no separation is required.

Materials accepted in Nashville’s curbside recycling program:

  • Clean paper, magazines, cardboard (corrugated, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, tissue boxes), mail (including envelopes with plastic windows, paperback books, and milk or juice cartons (including gable top and aseptic containers). Wax-coated cardboard cartons and Tetra Pak containers can be recycled (think milk, coconut water, orange juice, portable wine).
  • Plastic beverage bottles; kitchen, laundry, and bath bottles and jugs; milk and juice jugs, clean plastic food jars. Note: Plastic #7 labeled as Polyactic acid (PLA) should be composted in an industrial composter.
  • Metal and aluminum food and beverage cans.

Materials NOT accepted in Nashville’s curbside recycling program:

  • No food or liquid. Empty and rinse all containers.
  • No glass in curbside bins. Recycling drop-off site only. (see below for glass pick-up services).
  • Do Not bag recyclables. Place items loose in bin.
  • No plastic of any kind that is not a bottle, jar, or jug. No takeout containers, Styrofoam, plastic cups or tubs, etc.
  • No plastic furniture, plastic toys, etc.
  • No plastic buckets and flower pots.
  • No metal and plastic coat hangers.
  • No scrap metal, metal trays or pans, aluminum foil.
  • No hoses, wires, chains, or electronics.
  • No batteries.
  • No yard waste.
  • No clothing or linens.
  • No plastic bags, bubble wrap, bubble mailers, or plastic wrap (find out where you can recycle plastic bags and other plastic film and read a list of FAQs about plastic film recycling).

You can read more about what to do with the hard-to-recycle stuff that comes into your life HERE.

Visit for more info about Nashville’s Recycle Right program.

Nashville Glass Recycling Options