If you live in Davidson county, you should have at least one curbside recycling bin. You may also request a second bin from the city at no cost. You can put all of your recyclable items in the cart together – no separation is required. Here’s what you CAN recycle in Nashville’s curbside Recycling program (

  • Clean paper, cardboard boxes, mail (including envelopes with plastic windows, paperback books, and milk or juice cartons (including gable top and aseptic containers). Wax-coated cardboard cartons and Tetra Pak containers can be recycled (think milk, coconut water, orange juice, portable wine).
  • Clean plastic containers including drink bottles, detergent and cleaner bottles, milk and juice jugs, and dairy tubs (yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, and similar food containers) Note: Plastic #7 labeled as Polyactic acid (PLA) should be composted in an industrial composter.
  • Metal and aluminum cans, empty aerosol cans

Materials NOT accepted in carts are

    • Glass
    • Scrap metal, metal trays or pans, Aluminum foil
    • Electronics, Wires or chains
    • Metal and plastic coat hangers
    • Styrofoam of any type (including cups or plates)
    • Plastic furniture, plastic toys, etc.
    • Plastic takeout containers, Plastic trays (Lunchable trays, frozen dinner trays or bowls, etc.)
    • Plastic buckets and flower pots
    • Garden hoses
    • Batteries
    • Soiled food containers such as greasy pizza boxes (soiled paper food containers can be composted!)
    • Plastic bags and plastic wrap (find out where you can recycle plastic bags and other plastic film and read a list of FAQs about plastic film recycling)

      You can read more about what to do with the hard-to-recycle stuff that comes into your life HERE.

      Nashville Glass Recycling Options