Reduce your waste by shopping locally for bulk, unpackaged, made-to-last products.


Ash Blue
Refillable Common Good dish soap and hand soap

The Good Fill
Refillable dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, dish detergent powder, laundry detergent powder, and oxy powder

Sage Refill Market
Refillable home and personal products that help people to live a low waste lifestyle


Wine growlers! and beers growlers too

The Filling Station
Beers growlers

Frugal McDougal
Beers growlers

Beers growlers

Whole Foods
Beers growlers


Nashville Flea Market

Habitat for Humanity Re-Store


Music City Thrift

Southern Thrift

Anaconda Vintage


Bath/Personal Care

High Garden
Make-your-own-perfume and bath salts *Temporarily closed due to the tornado*

Riverside Village Pharmacy
locally-made soap bars

The Good Fill
Refillable shampoo, conditioner, deodorant spray, hair spray and lotion; bamboo toothbrushes; safety razors; shampoo and soap bars and more

Sage Refill Market
Refillable home and personal products that help people to live a low waste lifestyle

Thistle Farms
Unpackaged bar soap; build-your-own soap scrub; natural loofas, plastic-free bath gloves and body scrub stones

Whole Body
Unpackaged bar soap, moisture & lotions bars; bath soaks; bulk avocado oil, hemp oil, calendula hemp oil blend, and 100% pure argan blend (with coconut oil)

Plaine Products – Online
Refillable shampoo and conditioner

Who Gives a Crap – Online
TP made from recycled paper without inks, dyes, or scents and 50% of profits go to build toilets for those who need them

Bulk and Unpackaged Foods

Farmer’s Markets

Bellevue Kroger
Bulk beans, nuts, candy and grind-your-own peanut or almond butter

Dozen Bakery
BYOBag and fill with fresh bread

Herban Market
Bulk olive oil and vinegar

Olivia Olive Oil
Refills on bottles purchased in-store

High Garden
Looseleaf teas; bulk spices and herbs *Temporarily closed due to the tornado*

Bulk dried fruit, nuts, spices, coffee and tea, beans, peas, grains, granola, snacks and sweets; bakery-fresh bread and bagels

The Produce Place
Unpackaged fresh produce; bulk dried goods; milk refill program

Turnip Truck
Bulk coffee, tea, spices, nuts, snacks; 10% off Bulk Wednesdays; Unpackaged bar soap; glass milk refill program

Whole Foods
Bulk rice, grains, flours, pasta, soups, trail mixes, cereal, beans, nut butters, sweeteners, dried fruits, nuts and seeds